Our Process

At Integrated Wealth Management, our process is designed to guide you towards your financial goals with a comprehensive yet tailored approach.

We believe that successful wealth management requires careful planning, risk management, and investment policy statement and process, as well as on-going monitoring and communication. Here’s an in depth look at our proprietary 4 step process:

1. Initial Consultation (virtually or in-person) & Data Gathering

  • Deeply understanding your short-term, long-term goals, and personal preferences are the cornerstone of our planning process that allow us to build a completely customized strategy that aligns with your specific situation.
  • We cannot help you get to where you would like to go without first understanding everything about you and your current financial situation. During this meeting, we will ask you a lot of questions about you while also gathering information about your current financial situation including ballpark figures including your assets, liabilities, cash flow, and budget.
  • At the conclusion of this meeting, we will have a good understanding of whether we are a good fit to work together, or if we should part as friends.

2. Creating Your Customized Financial Plan

  • Our relationship doesn’t end with a financial plan or an investment strategy; it’s an ongoing partnership. We believe that the partnership works best with frequent communication and ongoing conversations, which is why we email you updates on a quarterly basis to keep you informed on what is going on with your plan and investments.
  • We have found that most people have a very difficult time continuing to think and act long-term, especially during turbulent times in the market. During times of market stress, we are here to help provide you with education and long-term perspective to help you in making solid long-term decisions without blowing up your plan.
  • We’re accessible and available to speak as frequently as you would like, however, we need to speak at least annually to discuss life changes, evolving goals, and ensure that nothing has changed in your life that would make us change your strategy.

3. Investment Policy Statement & Implementation

  • A document that we believe is essential to assist you in staying on your long-term plan is the creation & implementation of an effective Investment Policy Statement. The policy serves as the foundation for decision-making within your portfolio by defining the processes we will use to make decisions. Rather than acting on emotion, we deploy a disciplined approach that continues to focus on your goals.
  • Your portfolio portfolio should be properly designed to achieve your goals in all phases of your life: short-term goals, intermediate-term goals, and long-term goals. Different asset classes and securities are placed in your portfolio for different reasons.
  • We help you build a strategic plan for investing your capital by focusing on the things that remain in our control: asset allocation, diversification, security selection & monitoring, and tax efficiency.

4. Long-Term Perspective, Ongoing Monitoring & Communication Strategy

  • Once we’ve identified your goals and assessed your risk profile, we begin to create your customized financial plan that is completely tailored to your unique goals, objectives & feelings using our cutting-edge financial planning tool, Right Capital.
  • Right Capital is the planning software that we utilize to assist us create a personalized and custom financial plan that caters exclusively to you. Our focus is on the big picture, NOT just your investments. This software allows us to gain a deeper understanding of all your financial accounts through robust integrations .
  • We explore various financial planning aspects, including your emergency fund, cash flow planning, tax-efficient investing, retirement income strategies, social security optimization, healthcare coverage for early retirees, estate planning considerations, college funding, life insurance, long-term insurance, and other risk mitigation strategies.

By following this detailed process, we aim to empower you to make informed financial decisions, control the controllables, and work steadily towards your financial objectives. At Integrated Wealth Management, we’re with you every step of the way. 

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